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Let an award winning photographer capture the most important
moment of your life and place it on the World Wide Web for all to

There are moments that cannot be missed at every wedding.  Moments
that capture the reason why you are making this commitment with this
person.  Moments that evoke the happiness that you share with your
soul mate.  We will capture the moments of loved ones sharing in your
joy.  Moments as precious as these cannot be left to someone who will
not recognize them, who will not be ready for them nor is a professional.

We promise a professional team, who know what it means to be there,
capturing moments of spontaneity, capturing moments of laughter and
capturing moments of joyful tears.  Our affable team of professionals will
deftly direct your family portraits even when Uncle Chuck has imbibed a
little too much.

Personality, professionalism and imagination, your big day will be in
good hands.

Within weeks your photos, if needed, will be cropped & enhanced to
visual perfection.  Imaginatively portrayed against a backdrop of
beautiful imagery and placed on the World Wide Web for no additional
charge!  Various photos can be worked in Adobe PhotoShop® to tell
a tale that goes beyond the simple story of two people who love each
other.  Portray yourselves as anyone or at any place that your mind can
fathom!  Pretend to Honeymoon in Hawaii or even Space!  You can be
bodybuilders or the King and Queen of Sherwood Forest!  Show the
world that you are not just in love, but who you are and who you hope
to become!
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